James Kline Photo Design



I have a passion for visual beauty. Using photography and cinematography I make images of the natural world which convey meaning for me. As example, the still images comprising "Vibrations", are a study of matter, energy, space and time. They are found where earth, air, fire and water interact in their countless combinations. These elemental concepts form the focus of my visual work including my current film work.

I picked up a camera at age 13 and still, after several decades, have not put it down. I progressed through three art & design schools in the US and since then have worked continuously in photography, filmmaking and associated media. My continued personal explorations in imagemaking are strongly influenced by philosophical and spiritual studies.

My current film work (2020): I am the Director of Photography for a documentary called "Oneness - Journey of Awakening", a film about the current change of human consciousness from separation and suffering towards oneness, love and happiness showcasing seven individuals from the USA with their experiences of unity taking us on a journey toward inner happiness.