In a nutshell:

I have a passion for visual beauty. Using the medium of photography I make images of the natural world which convey meaning for me. Specifically, these images are a study of Matter, Energy, Space and Time. They are found where earth, air, fire and water interact in their countless combinations. These elemental concepts form the focus of my visual work.

I picked up a camera at age 13 and still, several decades later have not put it down though chance has brought attempts. I progressed through three art and design schools and completed a career shooting architecture, interior and exterior, and other forms of commercial photography. All the while I continued personal explorations that I considered my fine art side. Philosophical and psychological interests over several decades have played their part in my past and current pursuit of images that shape meaning for me.

Windows in Space/Time is a growing collection of images that satisfy inner longing to find meaning in this life. At the same time they answer a need to discover the beauty of this world and represent my attempt to offer this beauty to others hoping to inspire them to seek what is truly their own.

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